Gekko Sports

Gekko is synonymous with "Best Tracking", "Fastest", "Quickest" and "World Class Wakes". Our relentless pursuit of exceptional performance means Gekko builds boats that are second to none. Renowned for World Class wakes, our 22' series (GTO22, GTR22 and GTX22) with 96" beams and open bows are recognized as the world's best tracking tow boats. The awesome acceleration, 50+ mph top end and amazing rough water ride will impress the most demanding of watersports addicts. Performance features like our ZS hull design, deep forward keel, split radius pressure release flutes, and styling innovations like the industry's largest swim platforms, cavernous storage and jet fighter-like cockpits will bring a smile to your face before you even leave the dock. And our wide range of available options means you'll get the boat you want, the way you want it. Use the links below to download more information about features, options and colorways. Call us at 952-226-6900, or email at for more information, the location of a dealer near you, and a free copy of our full color catalog.

GEKKO MANUFACTURER PROFILE OVERVIEW Minnesota-based Gekko Sports was formed in 1994 by Mark Overbye, who at that time was already a veteran of boat building, having conceived and founded Moomba Sports back in 1989. CONSTRUCTION Gekko's boat-designing philosophy is based on what it calls its "Zero Sacrifice Philosophy," which requires that the performance of Gekko products exceed the expectations of the most demanding hardcore enthusiast, that construction processes, materials and technology be state-of-the-art, and lastly, that Gekko represents a huge value, regardless of price. Gekko tries to create hull shapes by building running plugs that are fresh and innovative; the results are unique enough for Gekko to become the first and only tow boat builder to get a copyright from the United States Copyright Office on its hull design. According to Overbye, Gekko has remained a viable boat company because its offers, "great performance at an aggressive price." "How many boat companies have come and gone in the last 15 years. I don't think anyone has the combination we offer," Overbye exclaims. Overbye also notes that the company is composed of hardcore users. The top three guys at Gekko ski almost every day. "I think that carries weight on how good the product is," Overbye says. "We're enthusiasts who are not only into the product, but we're into the sports." ENGINES Gekko offers PCM and Mercruiser engines ranging from the MerCruiser 5.7-liter, 270- hp to the 330-hp MerCruiser Black Scorpion. Its PCM offerings include the 300 Plus 310-hp to a PCM Apex 330-hp. DEALERS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE Gekko says it has 55 dealers who at one point or another have bought a boat. Currently it has 22 dealers, all of whom have storefronts, full-line service bays and inventory. They require that the dealers have the ability to offer service but do not necessarily have to be certified. Gekko takes a lot of pride in the fact that consumers don't have to wade through a secretarial bank or voice mails to reach customer service. According to Overbye, if you call Gekko you immediately talk to one of the main guys. If you e-mail, a Gekko factory rep will reply within one business day. Gekko has a separate person specifically designated for warranty and sales procedures. The company stocks parts in California, Minneapolis and North Carolina and has the ability to ship orders on the same day. STANDARD WARRANTY COVERAGE • Deck/Hull/Stringer Lifetime • Gelcoat N/A • Engine/Drive Train 3 years PCM 1 year MercCruiser • Components Lifetime • Instrumentation Lifetime • Upholstery 12 months • Carpet 12 months • Labor Book Rate • Extended Warranty Check your local dealer COMPONENTS GELCOATS: Cook, Lilly or Co-Plas sprayed to a minimum of 22 mils. RESINS: Hydropel vinylester resin. BULK LAMINATES: Tri-directional fiberglass. REINFORCEMENT: Billet aluminum, Proboard. MOTOR MOUNTS: Integral aircraft-grade aluminum fiberglassed into the stringers. Engine mounts are securely bolted to the stringers. FLOORS: Either XL flooring or hand-laminated fiberglass. STRINGERS: A full-length, fully encapsulated XL-stringer or glass laminate. ASSEMBLY: Either glassed together or reverse shoebox fit bonded with Plexus and stainless mechanical joiners. DRIVE TRAIN: Double tapered 1-1/8-inch diameter shaft, six-bolt brass industrial-grade strut through-bolted. Stainless hardware with CNC props. CONTROLS: Teleflex controls with rack-and-pinion steering. STEERING WHEEL: Leather-wrapped Momo wheel. GAUGES: Custom Faria with domed lenses, magnetic paddle wheel pickups. CARPET: Syntec carpet with a burber-style diamond pattern. UPHOLSTERY: Nautolux or G&T, foam-backed vinyl over multi-density foam.