Wrapped TS BS 180 With Sam Thomson

September 6, 2011

Wrap up

Wrapping up can be a little awkward and might take a bit of practice to master. There are some cool ways to do it like how Danny Harf flicks it over his head and around his back, but if you’re new to it you want to learn the easy way first. The simplest way to wrap up is to tug on the handle and just pass it behind your back to your trailing hand. When you do this, you’ll have about two seconds to grab the smaller handle with your leading hand before the rope goes tight.

Cut in

Start out wide and edge in like you would for a toeside wake jump. Crouch down a little, start your cut slow and progressively build it up so you’re over your toes when you hit the wake.

Hold on

Make sure you hold on to the wrap handle with your leading hand until you’re in the air.


Let go

Once you are in the air, let go of the wrap handle with your leading hand and the pull yourself around with your trailing hand to begin the rotation.

Keep the handle low and close

Keep the handle close and at about waist level or lower. If it’s high and you’re arm is fully extended, you’ll get pulled out the front.


If you’re feeling confident, go for a grab. Try to bring the board up to your hand by bending your knees instead of reaching down to the board. The easiest grab for this trick is a melon, but you can also go for nose, slob or mute grabs to style it out.


Look to land

Turn your head towards the handle and spot the landing. As you come down, extend your legs a little so you can use them to absorb the landing. Land on your heels so you’re edging out away from the wake.


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