Land A Tantrum With Sam Thomson

Cut in

Start your cut in from as wide as possible and edge aggressively, leaning your weight onto your front foot.

Square off

When you get to the top of the wake, let go of the handle with your trailing hand and throw it behind you, so your shoulders are lined up with the wake.

Grab indy

This is optional of course but if you go for a grab, do it as soon as you leave the wake and bend your knees to bring the board to your hand.

Look up

Throw your head back and initiate the flip then prepare to spot the Landing

Spot the landing

Keep looking up over your head and look for where you're going to land. A good thing about the tantrum is you can spot the landing really early, so when you're about halfway through the flip you can see the second wake and prepare to extend your legs for the landing.

Ride away

Absorb the landing with your knees and ride away on your heels away from the wake.