HS FS Melon 360 With Sam Thomson

November 3, 2011

Malibu Boats team rider Sam Thomson gives you step-by-step instruction to a heelside frontside melon 360.

Cut in

Start out as wide as possible, stay low and start your cut slowly, building it up progressively so that you’re edging the hardest as you leave the wake. You don’t want to flatten off, because you won’t get as much pop off the wake.

Go for the grab

As you leave the wake, go for the grab. Pull the board up to your leading hand and keep the handle close to your waist with the other hand. It’s good to learn this trick with a grab straight away, because it makes you pass the handle lower and stops you from getting pulled out the front.


Start spinning

Once you’re grabbing the board, use your trailing hand to pull the handle across your waist towards your back hip, which will initiate the spin. Remember to keep the handle low and close.

Pass the handle

Once you’ve spun the first 180, go for the handle pass. Release the hand that’s grabbing the board, reach behind your back and pass the handle at or below your butt.

Spot the landing

Look where you’re going and extend your legs to prepare for the landing. Remember: You still want the handle low and close to your hip.


Ride away

Bend your knees as you land and edge out on your heels away from the wake.


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