Nosegrab Scarecrow With Chad Sharpe

September 28, 2011

Chad Sharpe shows you the keys to landing a nosegrab scarecrow, which will help get your ready for crow mobes.

Wait For It

You don’t need a lot of speed when you edge in for a scarecrow, but you need to make sure you edge all the way to the top of the wake. If you go early, the wake won’t pop your board into the grab as easily.

Up And Away

As you come off the top of the wake, stand tall and turn your shoulders away from the boat.


Get The Grab

Pull your front knee into your chest so the board is right there to grab. On a scarecrow, the grab really helps you control the trick. If your timing’s off, you can use the grab to speed up or slow down your rotation.

Ready For Landing

When you get about halfway around, it’s very easy to spot your landing on this trick. Once you’ve spotted your landing, you can pull the grab to speed up your rotation or let it go to slow things down.


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