Facebook Q&A with Rusty Malinoski

September 26, 2011

Fans of the King of Wake Facebook page have a weekly chance to interact with some of wakeboarding’s top pro riders. Here are the “Bone Crusher’s” answers to your questions:

Q:  Why Hyperlite?

A:  I signed with Hyperlite Wake MFG. 4 years ago because it was and still is a great fit for me.


Q:  What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?

A: Craziest thing was seeing my son Marek come into the world.

Q:  How does it feel to come from a small town in Saskatchewan and follow your dreams successfully in becoming one of the most dominant wakeboarders today?  How do you maintain the motivation after accomplishing so much?


A: I loved growing up in a small town, that’s where I got my work ethic. Staying motivated is easy because of all the other riders pushing the sport.

Q:  What’s the most insane thing you have ever done…including wakeboarding or not…

A: Wakeboarding would be the crazy FOX gap we did a few years back, otherwise would be my decision to leave home at 18 with intentions to make it as a wakeboarder, it was a risk for sure.


Q:  What keeps you motivated on the bad days?

A: Bad days come, but I know where I came from and I know the alternative. Getting to do what I do know even on a bad day is so much better than it could be.

Q:  Would you recommend my 6 year old to wear a helmet?


A: No, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to wear a helmet behind a boat unless they need to protect their eardrums.

Q:  Tell us what the new X-Star wake is sac’d out?

A: The new X Star wake is absolutely amazing, it’s the biggest wake I’ve ever hit.

Q:  How do you determine your beer of choice?

A: It’s easy to determine when there’s only one beer to drink and that’s Bud Light!

Q:  Why don’t you ever take your neighbors wakeboarding?

A: When you get your new Hyperlite Wake MFG. board, I’ll take you out!

Q: Do you like waffles?

A: Only with Canadian Maple syrup!

Q: How long did it take you to go pro?

A: I started at 15 and rode for four years before I was considered pro.

Q: How do you get enough momentum to stick such crazy spins?

A: Spins are all about getting a good takeoff and get your spin going right after that.

Q: What boat gave you the first pull?

A: My first ride was behind a Bayliner, whoops.

Q: What does it take to become a pro?

A: To become a pro wakeboarder, it takes a good combination of natural ability and marketability, but for me, my work ethic helped. Plus the ability to be personable with people.

Q: Do you have any pre-ride rituals, whether in comp or not?

A: Haha, yes I always put my right boot on before my left.

Q: How would you go about getting sponsored?

A: To get sponsored, most times, the best ones come to you.

Q: If you could have a sesh anywhere with anyone of your choice who and where would it be?

A: My choice would honestly be in Clermont, FL on the big lake with guys like Danny Harf, Kyle Rattray, Trevor Hansen, Bob Soven.

Q: What’s your favorite board you have ever rode on?

A: My fav board ever is my new 2012 Hyperlite Wake MFG. Marek.

Q: What is your favorite boat?

A: My fav boat is the new 2012 MasterCraft Boat Company X STAR

Q: Will you come down to Lake Anna, VA and ride and hang out in our wake/surf/skate day to benefit the earthquake foundation for all the homes, churches, etc. that were damaged in Louisa county?

A: I always like to do charities, can you post something to my wall and we can get in touch?

Q: How many times in your career have you been the 1st to complete a trick and what are those tricks?

A: I believe I was the first to do a flat bs 900 and an unwrapped off-axis bs 900. I was also the first to do a 1080 in competition. I just landed a stalefish double back roll and I have not seen anyone else do that.

Q: What was your hardest trick to master and why?

A: The hardest to master is the ability to step up and be ready to go at every contest, every weekend.

Q: Can I be your assistant?

A: I appreciate the offer but my wife does a great job. Nice meeting you in Knoxville.

Q: Why haven’t you come to trophy lakes to shred with us?

A: Let’s set something up through hyperlite

Q: What’s your favorite BBQ sauce?

A: Hey mate, my fav BBQ sauce is in Australia. Brown bottle, yellow lid, you know the one.

Q: Will you beat someone up for me?

A: Will I beat up someone for you? hahaha, no I can’t but, would I back you up if I saw you getting beat up, yes.

Q: Rampage or Bones?

A: Bones all the way! You’ll see tomorrow night. If Jones loses, I will send you something from hyperlite. If Jones wins, you owe me something cool.

Q: What do you max out at on the bench?

A: Due to a shoulder injury in the past I actually don’t bench press anymore. How much u bench dog?

Q: How many sets per day and days per week do you ride and how long and how many days do you work out per week?

A: 3 days/wk at the gym, plus swimming, tramp, paddleboard on the other days. And if the weather is good I will ride at least twice a day everyday.

Q: What trick do you think looks the best in videos?

A: I like anything big and stylish.

Q: What’s your rope length and speed?

A: 82.5 feet & 24.6 MPH

Q: Chipotle or Moe’s?

A: Chipotle over Moe’s.

Q: Do you like flex boards?

A: I personally don’t like flex boards off the wake.

Q: Are you maintaining or are you still pushing the envelope in everyday training on the water?

A: I’m still pushing and getting better in some way everyday.

Q: What trick are you going to learn on that new huge wake on that xstar?

A: I want to land a 1260 behind the new X Star. And wake-to-wake double flips will be more possible.

Q: How are Linds, Marek and Wanda?

A: Fam is great, we are on our way to the beach right now.

Q: Tupac or Biggie?

A: Both are good!

Q: What is on your daily diet?

A: I eat a lot of everything but wouldn’t recommend that for everyone. But I’ve been eating healthier now.

Q: How come Marek isn’t rocking some systems yet?  How did you start Marek riding?

A: We got Marek comfy on an easy ski and then he will be rocking systems when he can fit into them.


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