September/October 2009

On the cover:

Brian Grubb

Shifty nose bone

Orlando, Florida


Photo: Aaron Katen


26 Airtime

“I wound up getting second due to that fact that I didn’t actually land anything off the double-up, but we all know who had the most style.” — an excerpt from this issue’s letter of the month, In Box, p. 30¬¬¬¬

The Pulse

34 Startup


40 The Jumpoff

44 On Point: Phil Aslinger

46 Media


47 Reviews

48 How to: Learn Raleys

50 The Crown Room


52 Proving Grounds

Aaron Rathy and Harley Clifford surge ahead and Phillip Soven gets back in the game as the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour stops in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

56 Full of Firsts

The 2009 Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships played host to a number of breakthroughs on the water.

The Photo Album: Best of Summer 2009, p. 61

62 Recreational Vehicling

64 2009 Byerly Bus Tour

66 Touring Texas

68 BROstock Goes Big

70 Far Flung

Photographer Josh Letchworth documents Nike 6.0’s journey through the Philippines to gather footage for its first-ever video, Aqua Frolics.¬¬¬¬

78 Sessions

86 Next Year’s Gear Now

A sneak peek at what to expect from 2010.

How to:

Ride Strong, p. 90

Rule Re-entries, p. 92

Front-Hand Grab, p. 94

96 My Scene: Phoenix, Arizona

106 Last Blast