August 2009

July 29, 2009

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30 Airtime

“After posting some pictures of my boat, I had a guy e-mail me to ask if he could use my boat name on his boat. He even went on to promise he wouldn’t post it online anywhere. Since I’m a nice guy, I let him use my boat name that I own and have all the rights to and have copyrighted.” — Scott “Ridin’ Dirty” Holland, another entrant in our Best Boat Names contest, from In Box, p. 36

The Pulse


40 Startup

46 The Jumpoff

48 On Point: Nick Davies


50 Reviews

52 The Recommendation

54 The Crown Room


56 The Crossover

62 Upset Special

Australian teenager Harley Clifford is on top as the 2009 Pro Wakeboard Tour kicks off in Fort Worth, Texas.

66 National Knowledge

What to expect when the Air Nautique National Championships hit Oklahoma City on July 8-12.

68 The Swimsuit Edition

Four of the hottest girls to ever grace a boat.

“Cable parks diminish the barriers into the sport, offering cheaper and easier access to wakeboarding than ever before. For more than a decade kids like Jimmy LaRiche and Adam Errington have fallen in love with wakeboarding at Ski Rixen and OWC. Each Revolution, McCormicks or Wake Nation has the potential to generate hundreds of new riders.” — WBM Senior Editor Luke Woodling, from Park Promise, p. 78

Park Profiles

86 Orlando Watersports Complex

88 McCormicks

89 Revolution

90 Ski Rixen

91 Texas MasterCraft

92 Texas Ski Ranch

93 Wake Nation

94 Sessions

102 Tough Guys

The growth of cable parks led to an explosion of super-durable, rail-friendly wakeboards.

104 Summer Essentials: Board Shorts

How to:

Control Your Spins, p. 106

Ride Everything Better, p. 108

Go Huge off a Kicker, p. 110

114 My Scene: San Diego, California

130 Last Blast

On the cover:

Daniel Watkins

Van jib

Orlando, Florida

Photo: Joey Meddock


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