5 Keys To Your Best Tail Grab Ever

A tail grab can be one of the most stylish tricks out there when it’s done right. Of course, everyone puts their own flavor on a trick, but there are some definite dos and don’ts, and I’m going to run you through some fundamentals and how I’ve been adding a little extra on my tail grabs lately. — Trever Maur, Axis Boats rider

Get Setup

I do a pretty mellow edge, almost like a wake jump. I keep my hands locked in the whole time and then try to explode off my tail as hard as possible, which pitches my tail back up into me. My Axis A20’s wake is perfect for a trick like this because you can take it way out into the flats or really high and wake-to-wake. The A20’s pop allows for either and it always stays clean so you have a consistent pop and you can just think about the trick you’re doing.


Grab Right

Grab dead center in the middle of the tail. This is crucial because you’re instantly a kook if you start grabbing the side of the tail, or worse, tindy. Your grab has to be directly in the middle of the tail.

Hold It


I bring the board up as high as possible. I think it looks better if you bring the board up to yourself, poke the nose, then bring it back down while holding the grab. It’s a little extra style points than just bringing your legs up, grabbing, then bringing your legs back down.

Add Angle

I try to pitch the board in a different angle so it looks more gangster. Lately, I’ve been trying to bring the board in front of my body to where it’s below the handle and then point my toes a little. I used to keep the board completely flat, but I think it looks a little better pitched at an angle.


Go Next Level

Once you have a solid tail grab, the next step is a backside 180. Take the board and poke the nose at the boat, which will throw you directly into the 180. You can land it wrapped or pass it. I’ve been passing it lately. It’s a little tougher, but it looks like you stuck the trick a little harder. Start by landing it wrapped and then see if you can get to passing the handle without sliding out.

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