Wrapped Stalefish Frontside 360

April 25, 2013

One of the great things about wakeboarding is being able to put your own style on a trick that’s been done the same way for years. In this case, it’s a 360. I’ve been working on a wrapped heelside frontside 360 with a tuck knee grab that looks pretty unique. Here’s how I learned it. — Trever Maur, Axis Boats team rider

Get Tramp Time

Try to get the movement of this grab on the ground first and then take it to the trampoline. It’s best if you use one of the tramp boards, so you can practice the movement over and over again. This is key to getting the right form and being able to take it behind the boat.


Loosen Up

I loosen my back binding quite a bit, which allows me to get my knee all the way down to the board, but you’re not secure at all when you do that so I wouldn’t recommend it at first. Don’t loosen your bindings at all until you get comfortable, then you can start gradually tucking your knee lower.

Reach Around


To get the grab with your back hand, you have to reach around your leg, which pushes your tuck knee down and pulls the board up. The more balled up you get, the cooler the grab will look. Reach for your front foot and you’ll end up grabbing the middle of the board — otherwise you’ll always grab your back boot.

Perfect Pop

Consistency is key on this trick. You’ve got to have the same pop every time, and the Axis A22 provides a consistent ramp no matter what the conditions. It’s just like the trampoline, where you’re getting the same kick every time you’re jumping up. Landing zones are also smooth and long on the A22, so you can get the grab with a heelside straight air over and over again until you get comfortable enough to throw in the 360.


Wrap Up

I try to keep the main handle in the small of my back and I put more pressure on the T handle, with my elbow almost at my hip the whole time. Cut in on your heels with your knees bent, then spring off the wake. When you leave the wake, yank on the T handle a little bit, and then go straight in for the grab. Hold the grab as long as possible while you’re spinning and keep the handle pulled in so you have control. Then just try to land the trick smooth and give it some after-bang!

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