How To Wrangle Your Wakeboard Rope

In this wakeboard how to, Shaun Murray shows you the right way to wrangle your rope to avoid knots.

You can avoid dealing with knots as you get ready to ride with some simple wrangling. Start by either dragging your rope with the handle in the boat or toss it off the dock. This gets the twists out of the rope and makes coiling it much easier. Start coiling the rope about the same size as the triangle of the handle. The smaller coils help keep figure eights out of the rope, which are a big cause of knots. While you are coiling, spin the rope in your fingers, making loops. Once you finish the coils, leave a “tail” that is just a little longer than the length of your coils.

Hold the rope so the end of the tail is just sticking out of the pinky side of your hand, not the thumb and forefinger side. This gives you control of the rope to whip it over the handle. You now have a loop you will use to wrap around the handle.

Whip the loop over the handle while keeping about 8 inches of the tail on the coil side. Grasp the two lines that form the loop under the thumb of your hand that is holding the handle and the coils.

With your free hand, reach through the coils, grab the loop and begin wrapping it around the handle and coils. Continue to do this until you run out of length on the loop. Take the remaining tail, pull it through the end of the loop and pull it tight.

To undo the tie job, pull the tail out of the loop and tug strongly on just the tail. This will unwind the coils off the handle, and you will look like a pro. Yawhoo!