How To Hit a Cable Park Kicker

Hitting a kicker at a cable park is one of the best ways to take your tricks to the next level. Often times, a kicker can feel like a consistent wake or even a consistent double-up, depending on the kicker’s shape. Your line into the kicker and ability to push off at the right time can affect your amount of time in the air.

Edging In

The harder you edge into the kicker, obviously the higher you will go. However hard you decide to edge, you need to make sure you come into the ramp with your knees bent and your hips up, which will keep your butt from dropping down. Also, keep your head up and you eyes on the kicker ahead of you.

Get in Position

As you approach the bottom of the kicker, flatten off of your edge so you can set up for the push off the kicker. Continue to keep your knees bent and your weight low at this point, because it is very important for the next step.


Push Off

Once you’ve reached the top of the ramp, push off of it with your legs, almost like you are jumping on land. However, don’t push off to the point where your knees are straight.

Keep Your Form

After you’ve left the kicker and are in the air, bring your knees up towards your waist while keeping your chest tall. Whether you’re doing a mute 720 (like I am doing here) or a straight air, you need to keep your handle in close, your back straight and your head up.

Stick The Landing

Towards the end of your decent, start to look for the water so you can think about your landing. To prepare for your landing, you need to keep your weight over your board with your knees loose and your head and chest up.


See What’s Next

As you hit the water, absorb the impact with your knees but stay tall from the waist up. As you ride away, look ahead to see what’s next.

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