The Wrapped KGB

Rider: Daniel Harf
Level: Intermediate

This one's not quite as hard as it looks if you can already do a back roll; it just takes some guts to try for the first time. Wrap yourself for a blind spin about halfway outside the wake, and come in slowly on a good edge. You want to rotate almost like a normal back roll except that you don't want to edge with so much angle away from the boat. Start by throwing your head down and away from the boat as you come off the wake. Once you are in the air, let go of the little handle while keeping tension on the large handle behind your back. Let the rope unravel you and pull you around through the roll, then look for the water as soon as you can. Try to keep your knees soft during the entire move to make the landing easier.

Rider's Tip:
The trick with this move is patience. Push your hips up when you come to the wake just like you're going to do a good wake jump, and get a good pop before you throw your head down.