The Toeside Front Flip

Rider: Chris Bischoff
Level: Advanced

Some people can do this move from the trough, but to learn it, you want to start about 10 feet outside the wake. You want to edge into the wake and all the way through, but try to think about hitting the wake with your front leg soft and with a lot of pressure on your back foot. This will cause the back of your board to kick forward and initiate the flip. Once it has, take your lead shoulder and try to put it right on the nose of your board, while at the same time take your front hand and try to put it in your "front pocket." The combination of all these things will flip you slowly around, with plenty of time to see the landing and to get ready to land with your knees bent. If you do this move right, it feels like you're in the air for a long, long time.

Rider's Tip:
Try learning this off the double up so that you get a feel for the back foot pushing you around all the way.