The Slim Chance

Learn a Slim Chance


Rider: Mike McLin
Level: Advanced

The slim chance is a heelside front flip with a frontside 360 thrown into the middle - a front mobe. To do it you want to take about a half-cut front flip and try to go a little more up than out, although you still want to carry some momentum into the wake. Edge all the way through, just like on a front. As soon as you get completely off the wake bring your back shoulder up, while at the same time throwing your front shoulder straight down at the water. It's really important to throw that shoulder down hard, so that you have the power to get the handle into the small of your back and make the handle pass. One easiest things about the slim chance is the landing, because if you do it right you never lose sight of the water the whole time you are flipping and spinning.

Rider's Tip:
A lot of people think they're going to get worked trying a front mobe, so they lay back a little bit and try to do it wake to wake. This actually makes it harder. It takes more energy than you think, so really exaggerate all parts of the move.