The Roll to Blind

Rider: Charley Patterson
Level: Advanced

Begin by taking a short approach into the wake from just outside the trough, like you're going to do a regular back roll. Be mellow, trying to take the move straight up, instead of out into the flats. If you're going to do the handle-pass version of the move, you need to make the turn to blind right off the top of the wake. Start this by looking over your outside shoulder and giving the handle an overly aggressive tug into your back as you come off the top of the wake. Once you've passed the handle to your other hand, get your head and chest up, and start looking over for the shore. Try to land with your legs soft, edging away from the wake.

Rider's Tip:
The handle pass roll to blind starts to click once you realize that you have to turn blind as soon as you leave the wake. It also helps to keep your back hand moving around to reach for the handle at the same time you turn your head.