The Pete Rose

Rider: Scott Byerly
Level: Advanced

The Pete Rose is a combination grabbed toeside roll to revert/blind 180. Use the same edge as you would for a toeside roll to revert, you want to be really good at that move before you try a Pete. The big difference in the move comes when you're upside down - instead of starting to look for your landing, look the completely opposite way, AWAY from the boat. Keep the handle in tight, arm bent the whole time through the roll, and as you turn your head, just flip your wrist over so that your palm faces the sky. Make sure you wait until you're completely off the wake before you initiate any part of this move, don't try to "throw" it.

Rider's Tip:
Some people say it's actually easier to learn this move if you always go for the grab, which is the way it was invented..