The Other Hand Hoochie

Rider: Dean Lavelle
Level: Advanced

The OHH looks like a Raley, but it actually requires a bit different cut. Instead of putting your maximum load on at the wake, take a hard but even cut all the way through and try to jump straight up instead of airing it out like a Raley. As you come off the top of the wake, take your front hand and push it toward your back leg. At the same time, bring your heels up to your butt and reach for the grab with your back hand. Grab between your heels, and then push the board out as far as you'd like. After you've made the grab, it helps to get both hands back on the handle as soon as possible so that you can pull the board beneath you and prepare to land. Keep your chin up and look toward the direction in which you are going to land.

Rider's Tip:
If you're having trouble making the grab and stargazing the move, relax your cut into the wake. Try to pop straight up; this will lessen the tension on the rope and make it easier to position your body for the proper grab.