The Moby Dick

Rider: Jeff McKee
Level: Advanced

Another in the tantrum family that requires a really strong wake-to-wake tantrum. Keep the handle low and in toward your hip at takeoff, just like you would for a tantrum to blind. As soon as you pop off the wake, give the handle a yank and try to pass it in to your trailing hand (which is now behind your back) as early as possible. Once you have done that, it's just a matter of completing the flip, spotting the landing, and then pulling the handle to your hips again so that your board comes all the way around to front. Try to really turn your hips toward the boat after you have made the handle pass.

Rider's Tip:
You'll never get this one unless you can do a tantrum with the handle in really close to your hip, so practice those until you've gotten them every time.