Practicing blindside 180s is a great set-up for this trick and remember: The rotation to blind is done at the very end. Now, set the trick as if throwing a normal tantrum by taking a wide progressive backside approach with more weight on your front foot then rear. As you leave the wake lead the rotation from your hips and chest looking straight backward. Your body will follow wherever your head goes. Upon seeing the water or the spot in which you are going to land turn your shoulders away from the boat keeping your hips at or below the small of your back looking directly behind you. One of the keys to sticking the landing is to spot the landing 180 degrees from where the pylon is. When riding and landing blind the handle is going to want to pull you back into the wake so you want to compensate for that by leaning more forward with your shoulders. Keep the handle in the small of your back, but if you feel like you're going to fall throw your shoulders forward and push the handle down low.