Speedball (Double Front Flip)

This trick is all about edge control and proper body position. You'll notice right away that Darin leads the rotation with his front shoulder and stays balled up tight. This is the only way you'll ever stick this trick so if your front flips aren't perfect don't even bother. It also helps to practice on a trampoline to get the double rotation down. Now, edge into the double up backside super progressive with more weight on your rear leg. Keep the rope at your hips the entire time. Don't let it out. As soon as you feel the kick off the wake pull the rope in and throw your lead shoulder down and your rear shoulder up. As you come around into the second rotation keep the same body position, pull on the handle and propel your shoulder forward to continue the rotation. If you are having problems you may want to place your free hand just behind your knee to help push you into the second rotation like Darin does in Photo 9. One of the hardest parts about this trick is knowing when to stop rotating. As you come around the second time begin to let your knees out and look for the horizon to spot your landing.