April 2, 2000

The S-Bend is a Raley with a 360 overhead rotation, and the easiest way to attempt this trick behind the boat is definitely with an extended pylon. Of course, it’s best to have your Raleys down first. Take your normal Raley cut (aggressive) into the wake. Concentrate on getting the same lift off the top. If you’re left-foot-forward, you’re going to rotate your 360 to the right (vice versa for right-foot-forward riders). The trick to the rotation comes from bringing your head between your arms and looking in the direction you’re going to rotate. Notice how Parks gets into this position right off the wake in the second sequence shot. As you can tell, he uses the handle as his center of axis and rotates the trick around it. You may also notice that this trick doesn’t use true Raley form; it actually takes advantage of the stargazer. That’s bad form for a normal Raley, but for an S-bend, that’s your goal – to rotate enough so that you come close to that familiar out-of-control Raley feeling. As you complete the rotation, use the horizon as orientation to spot your landing and pull the handle into your hips to bring the board back under your feet.


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