Moving On/Toeside Indy Blind 180

Toeside blind spins are probably the hardest spins you can do on a wakeboard. The main reason is that on spins you usually try to use the handle to initiate rotation; but in this case, you've almost gone past the point of the handle being able to help you. To compensate, you have to really think about getting forward off the wake by placing more weight over the nose of your board, so that when it comes time to spin you can use your head and shoulders to rotate.
That's what to think about. Now for the actual move: Take a medium to hard progressive cut and try to grab indy as soon as you are airborne. It's important to keep the handle low and pulled in toward your lead hip while you have the grab so that you get a head start on the rest of the move. Once you've let go of the board, lift your chin up and start looking back in between both wakes. Keep the handle moving low across your backside until you have passed it to the other hand. Try to keep your hands low and your head high. Once you've made the pass, spot the water below you and ride away on your heels.