Moving On/Toeside Front

First off, realize the toeside front is not a front roll, it's a front flip. That means your board does a front flip, not necessarily your body.
When starting this trick I suggest cutting in from about 8 to 10 feet outside the wake. Always start from the same place every time as this will make landing the front flip more consistent as you get better. Think about coming in slow, elbows really tucked into your sides, and saving some edge for right when you get to the wake. Your body should be upright with handle low, hips up and chest high. Take off with a little more weight on your back foot, pop up and let the rope out a little as you do. As soon as you get to your peak, tug the handle into your leading hip/butt area and rotate your head down hard toward your leading chest muscle.
If you're having problems getting high enough to try this move, try standing taller, pushing the handle a little lower and riding to the top of the wake. If you're getting high enough but can't seem to get the rotation down, try leaning forward into the initial pop a little more, and take some (not all) of the weight off your back foot. And if your body is twisting or wanting to land to revert all the time, try pulling the handle past your leading hip and into the small of your back. Any questions?