Moving On/Tantrum to Blind

The tantrum to blind is a real stylie move to add to your bag of tricks after you dial in your regular tantrums. Like a tantrum, you get your speed and pop by edging outside, flattening off and changing your edge at the wake. The cut is a little different in that you don't cut as long or as hard and you make your edge change more abruptly so that you take the trick more up than out. Try to keep the handle in a little closer than on your normal tantrum. This will make it easier to spin to blind. As you go up and over, spot the wake and pull the handle pretty hard to the small of your back to get yourself turned. As you land, continue to follow through with your head and shoulders so that you don't get pulled off your edge and slip out on your heels. Pass the handle, continue ripping and check your shorts.