Moving On/Back Roll

Like everything else, the roll to blind uses the progressive edge into the wake. But don't get on it like a hell cut; you only need to start about 2 to 3 feet outside the trough. Pull the handle with both hands into your lead hip as you come off the top of the wake. Now, here's the important part: As soon as you crest off the wake, turn your head in the direction your body would rotate to go blind. Don't wait to pop up first - you won't make the rotation. Aggressively pull your lead hand through the small of your back and reach with your trailing hand for the handle. Passing the handle at the peak of the trick is key. Once the handle pass has been completed, keep the hand that has just acquired the handle as close to your hip as possible while looking in the direction of the shore toward which you are rotating. Most important parts of the roll to blind: (1) Take the move straight up, wake to wake; (2) Rotate your head to blind.