Inverted Moves

Inverted Spins
These moves are anything that involves a 180, 360 or 540 rotation added on to a normal inverted trick. Simple revert tricks are the easiest, but it progresses to whirlybirds, mobes, whatever. Just don’t be intimidated. In most cases all the same rules you’ve already learned still apply. You want to land revert? Follow the instructions for 180s. You want to pass the handle? Concentrate on handle and body position.

First is a roll-to-revert or half-cab roll. Do your normal progressive edge and jump, proceed into your normal roll or switch roll, but on the way down let go with your lead hand. Use the handle to spin you by keeping the rope tight to your hip with your trailing hand and look at the horizon to spot your landing. The biggest mistake here is letting go to early.
Picture a top spinning. If it gets off axis, it gets out of control and falls. You’ll do the same. Style is when you can do it all tweaked out.

“The mobe is the most elusive of all the flipping, spinning maneuvers because of the handle pass,” Mike Weddington says. “At first you don’t know what’s going on, but if you keep your eyes open you can figure it out. Just remember it’s only a roll-to-revert with handle pass.”
With any trick, but especially with a mobe, always come in on a progressive edge and take the jump up first before you start to rotate. That makes you have a tall, straight axis and also makes sure you get good height. Proceed with your normal roll, but keep your hands in close. The hardest part is the handle pass. It’s extremely easy to pass it too high or too low, so keeping the line tight, pass the handle in the small of your back with one smooth, consistent move. If the line is tight, the rope will just pull you around. Don’t rush the handle pass. It’s easier to do it at the end, after you’ve passed the peak of your normal invert. Be sure to keep your head up and turn your head with your rotation.


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