Grab Bag/Melancholy

April 2, 2000

Grabbing melan is as simple as a Saturday Night Fever dance move: Go down with one hand behind you and thrust your pelvis up to the beat of the music. Actually, melan is far easier than that, so if you pay attention, your friends will think you’re the John Travolta of the waterways next time you go out.
As you pop off the wake, take your front hand (left for regular, right for goofies) and grab the board heelside between both feet. Try to bring the board up to your hand by bending your knees and kind of squatting. Keep your board under your butt, though; it shouldn’t look like you’re doing a back-scratcher.
From this squatted grab position your options are limitless: Straighten your front leg and give that melan a good poke, straighten your back leg for more difficulty, or pull the board around in front of you to turn it into a grasser.

Advanced applications for the
melan grab are:
* Roll to revert (heelside or toeside)
* Blind half cab
* Frontside 3s or 5s
* Scarecrow
* Front flip to fakie


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