Front Flip

For the front flip you want to have a strong progressive edge with more weight on your rear leg and stand tall as you come off the wake. As you near the wake, cut hard like you would for a Raley, then keep your rear leg straight as you come off the wake which will help kick you around. To do a cartwheel style, edge up through the wake and once you've got air, thow your lead shoulder down with your lead elbow to your waist. Keep the rope at your hips the entire time. Pulling on the handle will cause you to roll your front flip toward the boat. Tricks are defined on the rotation of the board, not the persons body. On a front flip the board must travel end over end, tip to tail. As you come around, turn your head toward the same direction as the rotation keeping your chin up looking at the horizon. Let the rope out to slow your rotation as you spot the landing. Let go with your rear hand if you need to to help keep your balance.