Board Riding/Ollie Lip Slide

Lots of people do an ollie hop to 90-degree heelside lip slide, but Rob Struharik likes to put a new twist on it by adding an extra 180 and sliding on his toes. It's a cool little maneuver you can learn either while riding in a straight line or on the turn around when you get bit more proficient. First, you should be able to bunny hop 180 from switch to regular (it's easier to learn if you land spinning to forward). And you should also be able to do a good power slide on your toes out in the flats. Then just put them together. Stand at the wake facing it switch toeside, ollie up and turn 270 degrees, then land on your toes and slide the lip. Once you are proficient at doing this and you can re-enter the wake from where you started, take it another step further. Do the ollie 270, but pass the handle to your inside hand, slide as necessary and come out of it towards the inside of the wake, thus completing the full 360-degree rotation. Have fun!