How To Retrieve Your Boat From the Ramp (sponsored)

Retrieving your boat is relatively easy, but there are steps to making it go smoothly and safely. It’s helpful to have two people – one person operating the truck and trailer, and one operating the boat. Watch the video and use the checklist below for the basics of putting your boat back on the trailer at the launch ramp.

Retrieval Checklist:

  1. Back the trailer into the water without submerging it too deeply

  2. The skipper should approach the boat slowly

  3. Nudge the boat’s bow into the center of the trailer

  4. Attach the bow strap and safety chain or cable

  5. Raise the outboard or outdrive before driving up the ramp

  6. Clear the ramp area as quickly and safely as possible

  7. Reconnect trailer wiring, attach tie-down straps, lower antennas and secure the rig

  8. Remove the drain plug