Next-Level Wave-To-Wave Transfers

Back when SURF GATE debuted, I showed you guys how to land your first wave-to-wave transfer. Well, the new SURF GATE system that's out on Malibu's 2014 boats is faster than ever before. More importantly, it has a signaling system that tells you exactly when the wave will switch, which makes all the difference in landing transfers. The first time I tried the new SURF GATE with signaling, I did about seven or eight transfers in one run without falling because it’s so much easier to be consistent. This consistency also opens the door to new tricks that you can do every time. Here’s how to step up your wakesurf transfers for 2014 with Malibu’s new-and-improved SURF GATE. — Brian Grubb, Malibu Boats team rider

Abide the Beeps

SURF GATE's new signaling system takes the form of a series of three beeps. Drop back like you would for a normal transfer, so you can start pumping forward when you hear the first beep. You’ll need to experiment on your own, but I usually plan to go over the rooster tail between the second and third beep.

Light 'Em Up

There’s also an option to have the tower lights flash in conjunction with the horn, so you can watch the boat and know exactly when the wave is going to change. I watch the light so I know when the transfer process is going to start, then wait for the wave to change and listen for the horns. It’s great with the horns, but it’s even better with the lights.

Tighten Up Your Transfer

Start by simply going back and forth first, because you need to get your timing down before you get into too many tricks. Some people think backside transfers are harder than frontside transfers while others think they’re easier, but it’s important to learn how to do both or you’re going to be stuck on one side of the boat all the time.

Toeside 360 Transfer

All the transfer tricks are a little bit harder than a regular trick on the wave because of timing, but 360 transfers — toeside to backside — are a good next step after you can do a straight transfer. Doing a backside 360 transfer from toeside/frontside is probably the easiest because it feels just like a regular 360 on the wave. Finish with your weight on your heels so you can keep riding backside after you transfer.

Heelside 360 Transfer

Doing a frontside 360 transfer from surfing heelside/backside is pretty easy too. Once you have your backside transfers down, it’s all about getting the frontside rotation started when you’re going over the rooster tail and the trick pretty much finishes itself after you get past the first 180. Keep pumping on your toes when you’re on the other side so you can stay with the wave, but the most difficult part of the trick is initiating the spin at the transfer, so you’re probably in the clear by this point.

Transfer All Your Tricks

I’ve learned 360 shove transfers and Indy air transfers, so pretty much all the tricks you can do on the normal wave are possible on a transfer. It’s just a matter of getting your timing down, and that’s a lot easier with the new signaling feature on SURF GATE.

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