6 Ways To Step Up Your Backside Wakesurfing

Before SURF GATE came along, most people pretty much only surfed frontside because it was such a pain to move the weight around. That changed with the first generation of SURF GATE, because it was quick and easy to switch sides of the wave with a button. Now, my 2014 Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV is equipped with the new SURF GATE, which switches faster and has a signaling system that makes it easier than ever to transfer. As a result, I end up doing so many transfers that I surf backside all the time, which means I have a bigger bag of backside tricks than ever before. Here are the keys to a back lip stall as well as two tricks to try next, so you can step up your own backside surfing. — Brian Grubb, Malibu Boats team rider

Back Lip Stall Basics You probably already do this trick frontside, so it should be one of the first tricks you learn backside. The first step is to drift back on the wave a bit so you can build some speed toward the boat because the whole time you’re in that stall position you’re going to be bleeding off speed, so you want to come in with a lot of forward momentum.

Bottom Turn Start pumping in and think about making a big bottom turn that has a nice, flowing arc down into the trough and back up. Really think about pushing off your tail so it gives you a more vertical attack on the wave and sets you up in the right position.

Lead With Your Upper Body When you’re at the top of the wave, try to throw the tail of your board toward the boat. I always think about initiating the turn with my upper body and letting my lower body follow. So when I’m cutting up the wave, I’m opening up my right shoulder, then when I’m at the top of the wave, I turn it toward the boat and close it off to initiate the position. The more you can snap your shoulders into that back lip position, the easier it is for your board to come around and follow you through.

Hold It When you’re up there, you want to hold that back lip position as long as possible. Keep a little weight on your front foot so you can drop right into another turn and start gaining some more speed because if you hang out there too long you’ll get dumped off the back of the wave.

Shove Out This stalled position is already halfway to a shove, so all you have to do is throw it around the rest of the way for a really unique shove that most people wouldn’t think of doing. Try to shove back into the wave so you can make it one fluid motion. Land with your feet in the same position as they started — don’t pin drop! — so you can get right back into turning and gaining speed back.

Backside Air The back lip stall puts you in almost the same position as you would be in for a backside air, so as soon as you’ve got the stall, you can add to your bag of tricks with a big backside air. The big bottom turn and vertical attack are the first steps to a backside air, then just wait as long as possible off the top of the lip and bring your front foot up followed by your back foot. It’s a lot like a skateboard ollie. Try to land on top of the wave, but with your center of gravity a little more over your toes so you can get back into the pocket.

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