5 Things You Have To Try On A Wakesurfer This Summer

Is your wakesurfing getting stale? No worries, because we’re here to expand your horizons. We talked to Malibu riders Brian Grubb, Chad Sharpe and Cobe Mikacich to get their tips on the top five things you should try on a wakesurfer this summer.

Try Transfers

With SURF GATE, it’s really fun to try wake transfers. The boat is weighted evenly and the system changes the wave from side to side almost instantly as you’re riding. So you can drop back, then pump in and jump over the rooster tail and catch the wave on the other side. It’s a fun new challenge. — Brian Grubb


Surf Backside

A lot of people surf all the time but only surf frontside because of the hassle of switching over all the weight in the boat. But with SURF GATE, you just press a button and the wave is on the other side And once you get used to it, surfing backside is just as fun or more fun than surfing frontside. — Brian Grubb

Switch It Up


Switch surfing is not as hard as you’d think. In fact, the fundamentals are all the same — just keep pressure on that inside rail and try to hold the wave. You’re in an uncomfortable stance at first, but when you get used to it, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll progress. — Brian Grubb

Start Spinning

A wakesurf 360 isn’t not too hard to do once you get the hang of it. Think of it as two 180s — otherwise you’re going to keep spinning — and try a backside 360 first, because it’s way easier. — Chad Sharpe


Grow Your Quiver

I highly encourage people to try different boards and change up their fins. Wakesurfing shapes are so drastically different. I’ve tried a bunch of boards I thought I would love and I didn’t like, and then I’ve jumped on boards I didn’t think I’d like and I ended up really enjoying. As a result, you might find a board that rides better than the one you use now. — Cobe Mikacich

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