5 Ways To Maximize Your Wakesurf Style

Wakesurfing is one of the funnest things to do behind the boat, but you can look like a kook pretty quick if you don’t add in a little style. Malibu’s new SURF GATE lets you create ocean-like waves behind the boat, so it’s high time to bring some more surf style to the lake. Here are some little things that are both fun and stylish and can really add an extra flare to what would otherwise be a stock trick. — Brian Grubb, Malibu Boats team rider

Bottom Turn

SURF GATE lets you go really far away from the wave on your bottom turn, which helps you cut back up harder and attack the face of the wave for big airs and slayshes. Start by dropping back and pumping forward to generate speed, then cut out farther than you think you can and come back up the wave face. Keep bottom turning farther out each time, so you can see how far out SURF GATE’s wave allows you to cut.


Grab a Rail

The switch bottom turn is just as fun as a regular one. Pulling a big sweeping bottom turn on your heels isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it can look really cool if you get low and grab your rail like you were pigdogging a barrel in the ocean.

Get Low


Instead of chop hopping when you get far back on the wave, let SURF GATE’s natural wave push you forward by getting low, shifting your weight toward the front of the board and using your hands to either scrub off speed or push your forward. You can stay back there and save a trick or get ready for another one without pumping because SURF GATE’s wave pushes you from behind, more like an ocean wave.

Grab It

You can add a ton of style to an air by throwing in an indy grab. Start with a regular air, but concentrate on sucking your knees up into your chest so the board comes up for your backhand to grab it between your legs on your toe side. Most people will miss the grab because they try to reach down for the board instead of letting it come up to their hand.


Go Next Level

When you get to the point of being able to do an air with a shove, you should learn to grab this indy as well. Again, you really need to concentrate on letting the board come up to you instead of reaching down for the grab. You can shove, then catch the board with your hand and get your feet back on at the same time so you’ll be ready for the landing. It looks great and can make the trick more consistent.

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