How To Stomp A Wakesurf Shove

There are two types of 180 shoves — surface shoves and air shoves — and the motion for the two is very similar. As a result, I’m going to teach you how to do the surface shove first, so you can work up to the air shove and if you’re really ambitious eventually taking it to 360. — Cobe Micacich, Malibu Boats team rider and Owner of Freedom Wake Park.

Bring the Ocean To The Lake

On most wakesurf waves, riders build energy and momentum by falling down the surface of the wave. Malibu’s SURF GATE helps create surf wakes that are more like an ocean wave where the energy comes from behind you. As a result, SURF GATE waves aren’t as steep and it’s much easier to do shoves because you aren’t always catching your tip or landing at a really vertical angle.


Get Simultaneous

Start in the middle of the wave where it’s a bit flatter and you have more room to drift around. Make sure you jump up at the same time as you scissor kick. Don’t just kick your back foot or the board will probably end up behind you. You need to kick both legs at the same time. Your rear foot goes behind you and your front foot goes the opposite way. The easiest shove is backside, which means your tip will travel clockwise for a regular-foot rider.

Don’t Pin Drop


You want to make sure your feet end up in a good position to keep riding. A lot of people will scissor kick and land with their feet together, which is called pin dropping. The board will simply slide out because they’re not in a riding stance. Instead, put your back foot down first and be ready to make adjustments as soon as you land. Put the brakes on, pump, or adjust your feet as necessary.

Add Air

When you’ve got your surface shoves down, try an air shove. Drop back a little farther on the wave, then pump forward and bottom turn like you would for a big air. Ride up the face of the wave, and when you’re almost at the top, scissor kick and follow the steps above.


Go Next Level

When you’re a pro at 180 shoves in the air, try a 360 shove. Come into it the same way, but scissor kick harder and bring the scissor motion a little farther around than you would with a 180 shove. The board is spinning faster so you have to really watch it and catch it right, but with practice you can get it consistent.

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