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Adding Second Battery???

**Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum, and getting back into wakeboarding after a 10-year hiatus. I totally suck now

Anyway, I just got an '07 Centurion and I want to add a second battery. Any thoughts on the best way to hook it up? Does anyone make a switch or junction box that allows both batteries to be charged from the alternator when the engine is running, but only allows one of the batteries to be discharged when powering accessories with the engine off? I want to be able to anchor and crank the stereo with the engine off, without worrying about discharging both batteries and stranding myself.







**What we used on the 2007 models was a battery isolator and two batteries with the Dash functions running off of the second battery, the engine off of the first battery.

The easiest way for you to do it is to install a Perko Dual Battery Switch. When the engine is running, set on "both" to charge both batteries. When at rest and playing the stereo for example, switch over to "battery 2" and it will be isolated from the other battery. Then you can switch to "battery 1" and start the boat.**