The Photo Issue:Things to remember on a personal

* Always keep a safe distance from any other boats. Pwcs require the jet to be running to steer like they were
intended. If the jet cuts out, you can find yourself at terminal velocity and no way to turn.
* Start with a 55-foot line and then adjust it accordingly to your activity and your preference.
* An extended pylon will make your ride behind a pwc much more enjoyable. (Riva Yamaha makes these
as an accessory.)
* The rider should always cut to the opposite side of the turning pwc. If the driver is turning left, the rider should
cut out to the right, and vice-versa. An aggressive rider that doesn’t assist in a turn, can pull a pwc out of control.
* When in the surf, stay at least 100 yards away from swimmers or other surfers. It’s also a good idea to have
a surfer as your driver so he can read the waves, and get lined up on a swell before it becomes a breaking
wave. When using the waves as ramps, drive the PWC diagonally off the shoulder of the wave, so the
pwc doesn’t catch air. (The rider cuts out to the side to hit it.)
* When beaching a pwc, keep some speed into the shore (obviously use good judgment on this one granite doesn’t
give too much!) shut your engine off just prior to hitting the sand or shore to prevent the impeller from
sucking up anything but water.

Some things not to forget on a pwc:
* Never drive your pwc or put your rider in the path of an oncoming boat.
* When bonking or sliding something, never get lateral momentum into your target.
(Don’t crank a turn and whip your rider into anything.)
* Come in parallel to it and let the speed of the pwc carry you through the trick.
* Try not to let a wave crash onto your pwc. When in the surf, a good driver should be able to negotiate
oncoming waves and chicken turn when necessary. A pwc can outrun most waves, and is much safer than
trying to blast out through a close-out. If your engine cuts out, you can’t turn efficiently.
* Be careful when operating near shore. Like any other water vehicle you need to be safe and responsible. Don’t
get too carried away or jeopardize your well-being by being stupid. If you hurt yourself you can’t go ride!