Sneak Peek: 2012 Ronix Wakeboard Gear

Get a first look at Ronix‘s 2012 wakeboarding gear, including three versions of Danny Harf‘s new Ronix One wakeboard, two versions of Parks Bonifay‘s new Ronix Parks wakeboard and Reed Hansen’s new Boomstick wakeskate.

2012 Ronix One Wakeboard

Danny Harf‘s all-new 2012 Ronix One wakeboard was designed to do three key things. 1. Make a board that doesn’t feel tight on the water and delivers a quicker release off the wake without sacrificing stability. 2. Build a smoother blend in the variable rail for more predictable edge transfers. 3. Create a rocker that delivers the most glide speed, so you can ride longer with less work and carry more speed into the wake. The all-new shape comes in three versions. The One Modello, which features a traditional layup; The One ATR, which features a hybrid layup of traditional foam and carbon as well as Ronix’s sintered board base for maximum durability; and the One Timebomb, which features a special lightweight foam and carbon technology that helps the board snap back to its original shape faster than ever.

2012 Ronix Parks Wakeboard

Parks Bonifay‘s 2012 Ronix Parks wakeboard is his easiest-to-ride pro model ever. The board’s all-new rocker line decreases drag and increases glide speed while its ultra-wide shape delivers a super-sized sweet spot. As a result, the Ronix Parks wakeboard lets you leave the wake with less work so you can ride longer at a higher level.

2012 Ronix Phoenix Project wakeboard

2012 Ronix Phoenix Project S Wakeboard

Ronix has come up with a second version of its stored-energy Phoenix Project wakeboard. The new Ronix Phoenix Project S wakeboard is lighter with a later kick and even more feel on the water and rails, making it a perfect option for cable parks.

2012 Ronix Preston wakeboard bindings

2012 Ronix Preston Wakeboard Bindings

The all-new Ronix Preston boot has hollowed ankles and a perforated liner for the most lateral movement of any of the company’s 2012 wakeboard bindings, making it a perfect fit for the Phoenix Project’s press-happy design. The Preston also wears the eco-friendly badge proudly, thanks to a liner made from bamboo and a construction devoid of PVC solvents.

2012 Ronix Boomstick wakeskate

2012 Ronix Boomstick Wakeskate

Reed Hansen‘s latest pro model, the 2012 Ronix Boomstick wakeskate, weighs in at a substantial 14 pounds, giving you more board control on and off the water. The Boomstick’s bi-level construction combines the pop of wood and the durability of compression-molded decks.