Editor's Pick: Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard

In the Hyperlite Franchise, Jimmy LaRiche wanted to create a long-lasting shape that any rider would feel comfortable on.

I was completely comfortable on Jimmy LaRiche's new pro model, the Hyperlite Franchise, the first time I rode it. That's pretty rare. In fact, I've only experienced that with four or five boards over the last 16 years. What makes that statement even more significant is that 142 cm is the Franchise's biggest size, and I normally ride something bigger. Personally, I think you should ride as big a board as you can maintain good edge control on because more surface area and tip and tail always gives you a more stable, predictable and forgiving takeoff and landing. Yet the Franchise still rode great for me.

As a result, I’m confident you could pick up a Franchise and shred on it on your first ride, no matter what board, size or shape you’re comfortable on now. The swing weight was really low, and the board took no “getting used to.” I always think about being on the road doing clinics with a boatload of riders of all ages and skill levels. What would be a good board for everyone? While almost every board company has something that works well for anyone, you could bring one Franchise 142 and three different size bindings and have everyone shred the same board — and they’d all have a great time.

Jimmy and I don't have similar riding styles at all, but I still thought the Franchise rode great just the way I like to ride. This is a great board for Jimmy, and I'm looking forward to many more years of seeing what the Franchise can do. Words: Nick Weinacker Photo: Aaron Katen

Hyperlite Franchise

Sizes: 138, 142 cm