Editor's Picks: Byerly Blunt Wakeboard 2011

2011 Byerly Blunt Wakeboard

Sizes: 53", 55"

When we first heard Scott Byerly was creating a new version of his classic Blunt wakeboard, we were instantly reminded of the late ’90s, art-inspired era of free-riding: gnarly jibs, meaty double-ups and good style.

But today's modern rider demands a lot more than riders did in 1998. Byerly still loves to grind rocks and docks and he wanted the 2011 Byerly Blunt wakeboard to be nearly indestructable, so Byerly turned to his O.G. shaper Scott "Butch" Bouchard and Byerly Wakeboards rider Aaron Rathy. Bouchard came up with a new sidewall technology that uses a thick cord of carbon fiber and Kevlar that wraps 360 degrees around the new Byerly Blunt wakeboard. This makes the sidewall nearly indestructible and loads the perimeter of the board with tension that will help maintain the new Byerly Blunt wakeboard's pop. Then he used layered glass and a nylon bottom for more durability. He also designed removable fins that resemble a molded-in fin shape called "beams." These beams can be positioned closer to the tail for an aggressive track or moved farther in for a quicker release off the wake.

The inside of the Byerly Blunt wakeboard is made up of a Biolite 3 foam core, which is lighter and stronger than most foam cores. Wake riders will also appreciate the feel of the Byerly Blunt wakeboard, which has strategic flex patterns as well as a thin nose and tail profile. To top it off, the full Byerly Wakeboards style is complete with a mythological graphic depicting Neptune (the god of the seas) slaying a giant octopus with his trident.