Byerly Monarch Wakeboard 2010

Byerly Monarch wakeboard

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Monarch Wakeboard

The Monarch series has quickly become the staple of the Byerly wakeboard lineup. Beginning with a mellow, blended three-stage rocker and shorter 9-inch molded fins, this shape is faster and releases off the wake quicker than previous Byerly wakeboards. New molded footbed contours keep the board rigid in the center to maintain the rocker line for consistent pop. The board then blends into a lean tip and tail for maximum flex and snap off the wake and when initiating edges. In addition to the new shape, the Byerly Monarch wakeboard also features the company's all-new Biolite 3 core. This material is lighter and stronger than traditional foam-core boards. The Byerly Monarch is a proven shape at a new lower price.


— Shaped by Butch

— Biolite 3 core

— Reinforced footbed area

— Molded-in landing feature

— Blended three-stage rocker

— Double-lap construction

— Layered glass

— Built in the U.S.A

— 2 .8-inch blunt fins