2009 CWB Lotus and Sage Package

The most popular female wakeboard package has gotten a celebrity makeover for 2009. The Lotus is shaped with four deep-molded fins that create a solid edge, and two detachable center fins for superior stability while discovering the basics. The design features a continuous rocker line that is quick and still provides a predictable pop while you're learning new tricks. The Lotus is also wrapped with a sparkling top graphic that truly sets it apart. Accessorize with the matching Ember, Sage, or Bliss boots with Hinge Tech for a one-of-a-kind wakeboard package. The Lotus is 131 cm in length.

The Sage is now stamped with a new Six-Plate technology that eliminates 25 percent of the total weight. The Hinge has been flipped upside-down into the Switch Hinge, which creates zero heel lift for all you aggressive riders. There are also Gorilla Grips for easy entry and exit along with lyrca-lined toe and heels pieces. Finally, the Sage is dressed in white leather fabric with violet and turquoise overtones. The Sage comes in small, medium and large, and fits a wide range of sizes within each boot.

The 2009 Lotus and Sage are available as a package at CWB dealers everywhere. Buy them together and save $100.00.

Learn more by visiting ridecwb.com or e-mail info@ridecwb.com.