2009 Liquid Force FLY Series

Whether you want the all-around smooth feel of a Watson, the fast and explosive feel of a Lyman, the playful yet aggressive feel of a Shane, or the aggressive yet forgiving feel of Phillip's all new S4, the F.L.Y. Series is guaranteed to take your riding to levels never experienced!


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Precision CNC milled PVC cores
- Compressive strength without the dead weight in the center
- A new construction process to yield the lightest Liquid Force boards EVER!

Internal multi-layered stringer system
- Superior strength with a lively spring

Translucent graphic substrate material
- Provides a window into the tech while reducing weight

Available on eight Liquid Force PRO models
- Freedom of choice in our highest offering

F.L.Y. Series two pack inserts
- Less material equals less weight
- Stance options are the "Sweet Spot" options preferred by the pro whose name is on the board

Available at select Liquid Force dealers and online at liquidforce.com