Marius by CWB Wakeboards

Marius has Industry’s first V Tech design and Variable Rocker

A podium finish at Worlds and then a win at the Gravity Games proved Trevor Hansen is one of the best in the world. His style is smooth, his finesse among the best. Trevor and the CWB R&D team put their heads together to develop a new pro model wakeboard. The results are mind blowing with industry first designs top to bottom.

Trevor’s new board had to match his smooth style. The idea of a wide board that rode like a narrow board was born. The Marius is about 1″ wider than our widest board at the center and 2″ wider at the tip and tail. This width throughout the board produces more lift off the wake than any other board on the market and all the edging performance of a narrow board.


With all of that lift we needed to cushion the landing way out there in the flats. The first ever “Dual Spines” extend down the center line of the board. You immediately feel the difference with softer landings. The Dual Spines are similar in depth to what CWB has used successfully on other models.

The new CWB Marius is the result of over a year testing and proving new design theories. In order to make the extremely wide board ride like a narrow board new ground had to be broken. The new “V-Tech” design allows the board to roll edge to edge like a narrow board and provides power edging into the wake for increased speed and control.

Another first for CWB’s Doug Cannon working with Trevor Hansen is the “Variable Rocker”. The board has continuous rocker, however the tip and tail rocker measurement varies depending on the point of measurement. Measured at the corner, the Marius has about 3″” of rocker. Measured at the center of the tip, rocker is around 2″.


The Marius incorporates many unique design features. Unlike many pro boards on the market today, anyone can ride this new model with its stability and user friendly characteristics.

The 06 Marius will be introduced in May at CWB dealers worldwide and will be available in 134 and 140cm lengths.

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