Ryan Wolfe — Jobe Pro Signature

“What I like most about my board is that it has great speed and a 5-inch flat spot, which gives it great pop off the wake. The width and length is good (135cm x 16.5″) — not too small and not too big. The tip and tail are good because it lowers the swing weight and makes it easier to spin and maneuver. The molded-in fins definitely help on landings and edging. The overall level of the board is: Advanced.”
Length (cm): 135
Width (in./cm): 16.5/42.0
Rocker (in./cm): 2.2/2.5 w/ 5″ flat spot 5.6/6.3 w/12.7
Weight (lb.): 6.0
MSRP: $379.99
Manufacturer Description: Ryan’s board has so many cool new elements. The most visible are the four =-inch molded-in stabilizing fins, dual-tracking rails and bottom contours. These features direct water and take away any slipperiness without sacrificing any free-ride feeling.