Pros Talk About New Boards

April 2, 2000

Blindside 2000– Charley Patterson Pro

“After being off the water for nearly a year from my latest knee injury, I’ve found my new board to be the most forgiving of any board that I’ve ridden. The saber tip generates a better pop off the wake, and I’m able to create more of an aggressive angle coming into the wake with the cupped rails.”

— The first two Charley Pro boards were known for their “curved” graphics. The third doesn’t stray.


Length (cm): 140
Width (in./cm): 16.5/42.0 (both)
Rocker (in./cm): 2.2/5.46 (both)
Weight (lb.): 5.4 (HC) & 6.7 (Foam)
MSRP: $659 (HC)/$359 (Foam)

Jobe 2000 – Ryan Wolfe Pro Signature

“What I like most about my board is that it has great speed and a 5-inch flat spot, which gives it great pop off the wake. The width and length is good (135 x 16.5) – not too small and not too big. The tip and tail are good because it lowers the swing weight and makes it easier to spin and maneuver. The molded-in fins definitely help on landings and edging. The overall level of the board is: Advanced.”


Length (cm): 135
Width (in./cm): 16.5/42.0
Rocker (in./cm): 2.2/2.5 w/5″ flat spot
5.6/6.3 w/12.7
Weight (lb.): 6.0
MSRP: $379.99

DoubleUP 2000 – Colin Wright 143

“Basically, I modified my ’99 Board. I experimented with tip shapes until the diamond tip won me over. By angling the tips, it releases quicker from the wake, allowing me to land 720s with greater ease. I also added rocker from 2 to 2.7, giving it tons of pop and softer landings. The down-turned tip and tail edge add tighter control and edging. This is my dream board.”


(also available in 137)
Length (cm): 143
Width (in./cm): 16.5/41.9
Rocker (in./cm): 2.6/6.5
Weight (lb.): 7.0 (foam); 5.5 (HC)
MSRP: $359.95 (foam); $599.95 (HC)


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