Product Spotlight: Liquid Force

  • TRIP 38

  • Length (cm): 138.4
    Width (in./cm): 17.1/43.5
    Rocker (in./cm): 2.2/5.7
    Weight (lb.): 6.9
    MSRP: $479.99

  • Manf. Description: The most popular of our trip series, the 38 leads the charge for the 6 fin, dual thruster line. Other graphics available in the Trip Series for models 28, 33.5 and 43.


  • Length (in): 43

  • Manf. Description: The new tech board. A cross between the 41? and the 45?, this board is a combination of the technical skate style decks and a wake to wake maneuver deck. For sliding a flat bar, or for kicking an ollie out across the wakes, the 43? deck is tech enough for you. Also available in 40", 41", 45" and 46".


  • Length (cm): 134.6
    Width (in./cm): 16.6/42.1
    Rocker (in./cm): 2.1/5.2
    Weight (lb.): 7.1
    MSRP: $289.99

  • Manf. Description: Now the board of choice for our tour ripper, Emily Copeland, the Nectar is the answer for a smooth ride. With a nice rounded template and a smooth medium volumed rail, the Nectar will get your spirits soaring through any type of water conditions.


  • Sizes: S-XXL
    Weight (lb.): N/A
    MSRP: $279.99

  • Manf. Description: If you thought last year?s Ultra Suctions were good, wait till you see this year?s model! Two hot new colors with the x-ray overlay, new anatomical toe-pieces, heel pieces, and hardware with super easy adjustment.


  • Sizes: S-XXL

  • Manf. Description: Class III approved and designed to keep you safe and above water. This slleek and comfy vest won't keep you from pulling off your most complicated spins, grabs, inverts or off-axis tricks.