Hyperlite--Belmont Series

Belmont Series: Shaun Murray's pro series has really expanded this year, covering three different lengths - 128, 134 and 140. That's the first time Shaun has ever endorsed a board over 137 cm, and for good reason. The design has changed from his 1999 series of boards, which were a little hard for some bigger riders to get used to. This year's Belmonts incorporate a bit more width and rocker. This tends to slow boards down a little, so Hyperlite designed the longer-edged Shaun model for heavier riders to enjoy while still keeping the smaller models for new young rippers to imitate the World Champ. The board also has a subtle V-radius in the middle to help break up water on the landings and a pair of built-in raised channels on each end to keep the board from breaking out on hard cuts. This last design feature is probably the best and could only be handled by the craftsmen and factory excellence at Hyperlite.