Collin Wright Boards Collin Wright 2004

Name: Collin Wright
Age: 25 Years riding: 13
Height: 5¿10¿¿ Weight: 155
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Board: Collin Wright 142 cm

Sticker placement strategy: Clean and balanced


Homemade board modifications: Write girlfriend¿s name on top

Foot size: 10.5 Binding size: Large
Goofy or regular: Regular

Width of stance: 23.5¿¿


Stance angles: Front 18, back 6 degrees

Stance relative to board: Width centered

Binding style: Nice binding with back lace


Fins: CDI 1.0¿¿ Collin Wrights, two on each end

Rope length: 78-81 feet

Handle of choice: Nevin 15¿¿ I can¿t go too wide. 17¿¿ is overkill


Annual board consumption: Five

Choice of lubrication: None, I like spit for lube.

Slider of choice: The biggest you can find

Best way to carry all your stuff: Backpack with wet pack inside and carry board

Tricks of the Trade: Be nice and have fun.

What type of rider would like your board? A free rider who likes spinning

What changes did you make for this year? My 100% design

How will those changes affect how the board rides? It¿s the best ever.

What performance characteristics do you look for? Lots of rocker, continuous rocker

Sponsors: Collin Wright Boards, Nice bindings, West Coast wakesates, 3thirteen shoes, Billabong, Nevin, Marine Products


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